Carbon Additive
  • Produce from high quality Taixi Anthracite Coal
  • Reduce cost and increase yield due to characteristic of our Carbon Plus process
  • High carbon, density, specific resistance, lump-coal rate, chemical activity, cleans coal yield and mechanical strength
  • Low in ash and sulfur
  • Increase yield for EAF furnace with more effective and efficient usage of scrap steel
  • High absorption and no residue
  • Main application in steel production as a carburizer
  • Used in EAF steel foundries and cast iron for improving carbon content
  • Also used in production of carbon paste
Product Specification
1 Specification of Product Unit CA-01 CA-02 CA-03
Fixed Carbon ≥% min 90.0 93.0 95.0
Sulfur (S) %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
Ash content %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
Nitrogen %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
Moisture %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
2 Size: As per customer's request mm/% 1-5/95 1-5/95 1-5/95