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Headwin Exim Private Limited provides the right blend of people & products to serve the needs of the Aluminium, Steel & other Carbon consuming industries.

The Company, established on 12th December 2011 incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) was founded by Mr. Prashanth Gangadhar, an young graduate who is a pioneer in the field of Calcining industry and carbon related products for having stayed in Hong Kong for more than 7 to 8 years.

The Company’s registered office is at No.116/2, 1stFloor, Unit 2, 11thCross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore 560003, India. The Company is a NS-EN ISO 9001-2008/ISO-9001/2008 certified Company for the Quality Management System.

Apart from efficient and experienced Directors, Headwin Exim Private Limited has well qualified and highly experienced Executives and staff on its roll.

The aims and objectives of Headwin Exim Private Limited are to involve both in Exports and Im]9OTts and satisfy the customers by supplying right product at right time at the best price.

Manufacturing Unit

The manufacturing unit of M /s. Headwin Exim Private Limited is located at Shizuishan City of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in which the world renowned “Taixi Coal” is produced. Covering an area of 40,000 Square Meters, the capacity of Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal, Gas Calcined anthracite Coal, Calcined Petroleum Coke and Carbon Additive is about 60,000 MT/per annum currently. The name of the manufacturing unit in China is Called W ELL UNITED RESOURCES LIMITED. Mr Noble Cheung, who is highly technically qualified person is taking care of the unit in China.

Apart from the above products, the company is also manufacturing and importing Coal Tar Pitch and Soda Ash in Briquette form and supplying to Renukoot an Mahan units of Hindalco Industries. The Company also deals with Bath materials.

  • 1.IMPORTS:
    • As far as Imports are concerned the company is importing carbon products and supplying to different customers in different locations. The following are the different products which are imported from China:
      • A) Calcined Petroleum Coke:
      • The primary raw material used by Headwin Exim Private Limited for its operation is Raw Petroleum Coke, frequently referred to as RPC which is purchased from Oil refineries. RPC itself is produced from the thermal cracking of crude.
      • B) Anthracite Coal
      • Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal Coal and Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal are «the raw material for producing Electrode Carbon Paste (ECP) and Tamping Paste used widely in the Ferro Alloys and Allied industries.
      • C) Apart from the above, Carbon Additive derived from Anthracite coal is being supplied to foundries and steel plants which is being used for addition of carbon. A few of our main customers in India are indicated below:
        • a) Brakes India, Chennai
        • b) AKP Foundries, Belgaum,
        • c)TVT Metals 85 Ferro Alloys, Coimbatore
        • d) Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore
        • e) Sandfits Foundries (P) Limited, Coimbatore etc.
      • D) Soda Ash Briquettes
      • Mainly used in aluminium reduction pot lining, as a replacement for the powder form soda ash. One of the main materials in making glass. Used in chemical industries as detergent and /or cleaning agent, Used in cement manufacturing industry and metallurgy.
      • The corporate culture of M /s. Headwin Exim Private Limited is expressed in three core values: Quality, Commitment and Integrity
        • a) Quality - Provide the best product and service for all-round satisfaction.
        • b) Commitment - Commit to constant improvement, strive for excellence.
        • c) Integrity - Act with honesty, regards sincerity as the cornerstone of success.
      • Apart from the customers in India, based on the corporate value of Quality, Commitment and Integrity, the Company has established very close relationship with business partners from different overseas markets including USA, Korea, South East Asia, India, Egypt etc. Some of the Companies to which the company is supplying its products are as follows:
          01 Segn Industrial Co. Korea
          02 Galalcy Trading Co. Egpt
          03 El Nasr Casting Co Egpt
          04 Mycron Be-rhad Malaysia
          05 Larjgen Industrial Limited United State
          06 One Steel Limited Australia
          07 Exterm-it Doe Slovenia
          08 Hai Ben Industrial Limited Taiwan
          09 Erdemir Turkey
      • By focusing on meeting customer’s diverse needs, the company will continue to maintain its position as the world’s supplier of choice for quality carbon products. With its high quality products, professional expertise and satisfying services, M/s. Headwin Exim Private Limited is definitely a partner you can trust and grow with "

      • 2.EXPORTS:
      • The company has also ventured into export of agricultural products like Gherkins, Jalapenos etc to Russia apart from internal markets like Delmonte.

      • Though the Company was established only on 12th December 2011, the turnover of the company for the financial year 2012-13 was about Rs.20 Crores. During the current financial year up to end of December, 2013 the Company’s turnover has crossed Rs.20 Crores. The Company’s Turnover is expected to be around Rs.30 Cmres during the financial 2013-14.

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