Soda Ash Briquette
  • Safety, the popping or explosive reaction associated with Soda Ash is significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • Dusting in potline caused by Soda Ash is significantly reduced; therefore carry out into the smelter’s dust collector system is reduced.
  • Better utilization of soda ash in the briquette form, had 20% to 40% reduction in the amount of soda ash required in the briquette form from the amount previously required as dense or light soda ash.
  • No adverse effects are encountered in using soda ash briquettes.
  • Mainly used in aluminum reduction pot lining, as a replacement for the powder form soda ash.
  • One of the main materials in making glass.
  • Used in chemical industries as detergent and/or cleaning agent.
  • Used in cement manufacturing industry and metallurgy.
Product Specification
1 Specification of Product Unit CA-01 CA-02 CA-03
Fixed Carbon ≥% min 90.0 93.0 95.0
Sulfur (S) %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
Ash content %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
Nitrogen %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
Moisture %Min. 90.0 93.0 95.0
2 Size: As per customer's request mm/% 1-5/95 1-5/95 1-5/95